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Recycling & Recycling Containers for Green Bay, Oshkosh and Fox Valley

Recycle Today for a Greener Tomorrow

Recycle Today for a Greener Tomorrow

With Van’s Waste, An Advanced Disposal Company, you can easily recycle and save money.  Look below for the exciting ways we’re putting recycled materials back into our local communities.  That keeps them out of landfills and puts money back into your pocket.

  • Roofing materials are turned into asphalt for local roads.
  • Wood waste is ground up and made into boiler fuel or landscape mulch.
  • Drywall is ground up and applied to agricultural land as an effective acid neutralizer.
  • Recyclable paper product is made into a new paper product.
  • Concrete is crushed and made into gravel/aggregate for local uses.
  • Metal is delivered to local scrap yards and converted into new metal products.


Locally operated, Van’s Waste, An Advanced Disposal Company, is on the cutting edge of waste-to-energy.  We partner with companies that are turning non-recyclable paper into fuel pellets.  The fuel pellets are supplemented with coal in large industrial boiler applications.  Fuel pellets burn cleaner than coal and therefore minimize polluting sulfur emissions.

Recycling Containers

For residential, commercial and industrial uses, we offer recycling containers for:

  • Paper, cardboard only pickup
  • Single-stream  (mix of paper, cardboard, plastics, glass and cans)
  • Concrete, brick/block
  • Wood/brush
  • Metal

To learn how our recycling options can save you money, call us today!