Selecting a Waste Hauler

Selecting a hauler for your waste and recycling removal needs If you own an existing business or are starting a new business, one of the decisions you may need to make is what type of service you need to handle your waste and recycling materials. The options can be varied depending on your location. Some areas may have several haulers to choose from, while others are have only a couple choices. The old adage: Bigger is better is not always true. Smaller, independent companies are typically family-owned and can often provide a higher level of personalized customer service. There are a number of considerations to look at when selecting a hauler and asking the following questions can be very beneficial: • Are multi-year contracts required for the services? Does the contract automatically renew? Will your hauler notify you when it’s up for renewal so you can review the terms and conditions or is it your responsibility to stay on top of the renewal dates? Better yet, do they not require contracts? • Are you able to go with a month-to-month service option which won’t tie you down for several years if you are unhappy with the quality of service you are getting? If not, is there a buyout clause for multi-year contracts? If so, what is the typical cost? • In addition to the base cost for the service, are there other fees or charges you should be aware of? Do the extras fees fluctuate or are they constant? Are they ever removed from your bill? • Does the hauler offer the option to collect recyclable materials in separate containers, paper/cardboard in one and plastics, tin, glass, aluminum, etc. in another or must all the recycling be in one container? • Are the rates charged different for the different materials collected? • Are contamination charges assessed if garbage and recycling materials are mixed together and what are those charges? • If you have a separate dumpster for clean paper/cardboard only, will you receive a rebate for that material? • Are there options for how often the containers are picked up? What are the associated costs? • What happens if a pickup is missed? • Are you charged for the delivery and removal of dumpsters? • How is the billing handled? What methods of payment are accepted? • Is there a local contact you can speak with to resolve any issues and make things run smoother for you? These are some of the basic questions your hauler should be able to answer prior to you starting service with them. Take your time and don’t be rushed into making a decision that you could regret. Van’s Waste, Inc. offers an excellent customer service experience with competitive pricing, no long-term contracts, no additional fees (with the exception of a fuel surcharge when necessary) and no container delivery charges for the initial setup. Please feel free to contact us at (920) 687-2631 or to get your questions answered. We look forward to doing business with you!