Scheduling your dumpster delivery

With the change in seasons, our attention may turn to projects that we’ve put off over the winter…but should probably tackle. Small remodeling jobs, tearing out carpeting, tossing out old furniture, or cleaning things out of the garage can be common projects. Some may be small, while others turn into larger projects and take more planning. No matter the size of your project, if you need to rent a dumpster, some planning is needed to get one scheduled for delivery. While we have a fairly large dumpster inventory, as the weather warms up, many people can put in a request to have one delivered. With a large volume of requests, comes the challenge of making sure we can meet those requests. We recommend trying to contact us at least a week ahead of your planned start date. That way, we can ensure getting your dumpster on the schedule. We understand that there are those projects that come up suddenly and your needs change. Our customer service team will certainly try to accommodate your request the best we can.