Recycling of Construction and Demolition Materials

Recycling of C & D – Construction & Demolition Materials…..

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When most people hear the word “recycling”, they may think of the bottles, cans, plastic containers, paper, and cardboard they set out at the curb every week for their residential pick up.  While that has a significant impact on reducing the amount of materials dumped in landfills, there is another very important type of recycling taking place: construction and demolition recycling, commonly referred to as C&D.

For years, thousands of tons of construction and demolition debris was buried in landfills across the country.  This has shortened the lifespans of those landfills, causing more land to be used for the development of new landfill cells instead of more productive, environmentally friendly uses.

More recently, some enterprising individuals have developed processes to separate and recycle many of those same materials that were once discarded in landfills.  Materials that come from new home construction, remodeling jobs, and demolition projects can now be recycled and have new life as other useful products.  Wood, depending on the quality, can be ground up and used for landscape mulch or boiler fuel.  Drywall scraps can be ground into a soil amendment that farmers can spread on their fields.  Steel or metal can be taken to a scrap yard and repurposed into new products.  Concrete and asphalt can be crushed and reused in road beds or for a parking lot base.  Asphalt shingles can be ground up and mixed in with virgin asphalt.  Cardboard is sorted and taken to paper mills to get recycled into new products.

C&D recycling is becoming a more important piece of the overall recycling puzzle.  Make sure to check with your dumpster service provider to see if there is an option to take your material to C&D sorting and recycling facility!